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Michael Rostance Karin Rostance Patrizia Proietti Pesci
Michael Rostance Karin Rostance Patrizia Proietti Pesci

Michael Rostance has been a chef for over 35 years. In the 1980’s he was a co-owner and the chef at Restaurant Pirofani on the Island of Hydra, Greece. He recently retired from his position as Executive Chef at Broders’ Pasta Bar in Minneapolis.

He now serves as a restaurant consultant, teaches at local cooking schools and travels to Italy frequently to do research and to lead The Umbrian Table tours.


Karin Rostance is a Design Consultant for Room and Board in Edina, Minnesota. She has a degree in African studies and has a keen interest in anthropology, food, music and art. She was a partner in Restaurant Pirofani.

Michael and Karin married at the restaurant 29 years ago. Karin travels to Italy annually as one of our tour leaders.


Patrizia Proietti Pesci is our Italian tour organizer, co- leader, friend and “adopted daughter”. She lived with Karin and Michael for several years while studying in the U.S. to further her career as a travel agent.

She has traveled the world in that role leading tours to Africa, South America, Scandinavia and Asia to name just a few of her many journeys. She lives and works in Umbria and has close connections to the land and its people.

She is bi-lingual and can assist our clients with many of their travel arrangements while in Italy.
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Join our small group of fellow travelers:

Sicily, September 18-27, 2015

Umbria, November 4-13, 2015

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